Our aim is to revolutionize the production of Food & Beverage ingredients


As global warming has a growing impact on our lives, it is the responsibility of all of us to fight against this global phenomenon. There are potentially many solutions and each of us can do something, such as limiting air travel, consuming less processed products or travelling as much as possible by bicycle.

As Sciences & Technology people, we have directed our action towards the development of a technology that could have a positive impact on  the lives of as many people as possible. Like sleeping and breathing, drinking and eating are essential activities of humanity. We therefore quickly came to the conclusion that finding a way to improve the environmental impact of the Food industry would be decisive.

Our contribution was to develop a technology that could be used in the production of Food & Beverages. We have come to the development of the evapEOs® technology, which makes it possible to produce natural ingredients of unparalleled quality, while reducing reducing the environmental impact.

This proprietary technology was selected as the Best Process Innovation at the 2016 IUFoST Global Food Industry Awards and the Best Food and Drink Processing Technology at the 2017 Food Matters Live Awards.


Since 2020, ederna is part of Coffee Village, headquarted in The Netherlands.