​High levels of concentration

Concentration levels up to 60% Dry Solids (DS), depending on the product.

evapEOs process is compatible with other membrane filtration technologies and drying techniques such as ultrafiltration, lyophilization (freeze drying) or spray-drying. It can be combined within the manufacturing process to provide greater efficiency or even replace some steps.


Total Preservation of Product Quality

Engineered Osmosis is performed with ambiant temperature. In addition, the Forward Osmosis stage operates at ambiant pressure. This allows better preservation of products (active substances, flavors, colors...) and leads to safer operation.

High retention of natural properties

Biological activity sustained


Clean Label & Major Ecological Benefits

Low energy consumption (no vacuum applied, no heating) -  up to 95% reduction

Low equivalent COemissions

No use of chemical additives, no harmful by-products created during processing


Significant Financial Savings

Energy cost savings up to 95%

Small footprint

Reduced processing times