2018     Launch of COFFEOSTM, a unique intense, rich cold brew coffee concentrate.
2017     Prizewinner of Best Food and Drink Processing Technology at the Food Matters Live Awards.
2016     Development of the business in the USA through a partnership with Cornell University (Ithaca, NY).
2016     Raised funds from Starquest Capital, its founding investor Pléiade Venture, and completed by its management.
2016     Prizewinner of the Best Process Innovation at the IUFoST Global Food Industry Awards.

2015     Delivery of the first production unit.

2014     Establishment of an industrial partnership with TIA, an industrial membrane filtration specialist.
2014     First successful pilot scale trials carried out.

2011     Raised funds from Pléiade Venture, an investment fund specializing in high-tech companies with high growth potential.

2009     ederna established its laboratories and offices in the Centre Pierre Potier of the Toulouse Cancer Campus.

2008     Prizewinner of the highly competitive French entrepreneurial innovation contest and support from the Midi-Pyrenees Business Incubator.

2007     Establishment of the company in Toulouse, France.