Intense natural food flavors

Vibrant natural food colors


In a climate of fierce economic competition and due to the increasing demand for healthier convenience food & beverage products, food flavors and colors manufacturers should make their best to preserve or even increase their margins, while increasing their marketshare by puting new natural products on the market. Current thermal evaporation methods result in degradation of the natural sensory profile of the natural extracts and juices. evapEOs is the ideal innovative solution for the concentration of natural flavor extracts, with reduced production costs.


Coffee flavor

Coffee concentration experiments with the evapEOs process were carried out in the laboratory and the concentrates were compared with thermal evaporation. Analytical measurements of the coffee flavour compounds were performed on both concentrates and compared to the initial extract.

85% of coffee flavour compounds were preserved with evapEOs vs. 35% with thermal evaporation. 


Bergamot juice concentrate 

Bergamot is a citrus fruit, well known for its unique intense aroma and flavour. The juice extracted from the fruit was concentrated from 12°Brix to 60°Brix using evapEOs Forward Osmosis at 20°C (70°F) and vacuum evaporation at 60°C (140°F). Olfactory tones of both concentrates were evaluated by a panel of professional tasters from a French independent, COFRAC certified, sensory analysis laboratory: the olfactory profile of the concentrate from evapEOs is not significantly different from the initial bergamote juice, contrary to thermal evaporation.

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